Life Rafts 101: Life Raft Types

Posted on May 23 2017

No matter if you are boarding onto a cruise ship, a sailboat,  a race boat, or a fishing boat, they all are sea vessels that will be in open water. And what’s the one thing that all vessels ‘should’ have on board? Yes, life rafts.

A life raft is designed and meant to keep crew members, and passengers safe on a vessel that has become uninhabitable and it’s one of the most important pieces of equipment to have on your boat during an emergency.

 Life Raft Types -  Life rafts come in two way Recreational Rafts and  Commercial Rafts. Both have specifications that every boater should consider before choosing which raft is the best for their vessel.

Life Raft & Survival Equipment's article "Life Rafts 101: LIfe Raft Types" explains the difference between the 2 types of Life Rafts and offers examples of each to educate you on the best option for your needs and so you can be safe and informed.


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