Life Rafts 101: What is a Life Raft?

Posted on May 23 2017

Asking the internet for answers on different things is great, but if you are a seasoned ferry operator, fisherman, or seafarer; life rafts are something that is second nature to you.

The internet will not be able to replace your experience and knowledge, but for those who want to know more about life rafts and some regulations that are present with life rafts this article will be helpful.

Life Rafts and Survival Equipment knows that there are times when a new boat owners can become overwhelmed with the abundance of choices and varieties of life rafts available. It’s important to know the basics before buying a life raft for your boat and/or ship so here we breakdown the different regulations and features of a life raft.

In our "Life Rafts 101: What is a Life Raft?" article we show you the basic information you'll need to know about Life Rafts such as Life Raft requirement and categories to make an informed and safe decision when searching for the best Life Raft for your vessel.

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