New Coast Guard Regulations Coming Soon!

Posted on July 18 2016

In a USCG regulation passed earlier this year, all vessels carrying life floats and or a rigid buoyant apparatus are required to replace them by February 26, 2016. These regulations mark the end of Life Floats and the Rigid Buoyant Apparatus, which have been used for years as a less expensive alternative to traditional survival rafts.

According to the new USCG regulations, all vessels required to carry survival rafts must now carry rafts that “ensure no part of an individual is immersed in water.”

LRSE President Jim O’Connor, “This new regulation has a lot of people scrambling. Between now and February 26th, there are approximately 15,000 vessels that will need to update their life rafts. The most popular replacement for Life Floats and the Rigid Buoyant Apparatus is the Inflatable Buoyant Apparatus (IBA). We have already had dozens of requests for IBAs from our clients and will definitely see many more before February.”

If you are unsure if your survival craft meets these new regulations, the USCG is urging customers to contact certified sales and servicing centers for more information on the regulation changes.

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