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Mustang EP 38 Ocean Racing PFD

$184.99 $369.99

Built with a revolutionary low profile chassis, the EP 38 inflatable ocean racing vest is engineered for the elite ocean racer. Membrane Inflatable TechnologyTM inside reduces weight and increases flexibility, and the Hydrostatic Inflator Technology (HITTM) will only inflate when submerged and not in rain, spray, or high humidity.

The low profile chassis is designed for maximum range of motion during high output grinding and sail changes. This PFD integrates seamlessly with the EP 6.5 Ocean Racing outerwear collection for a head-to-toe sailing solution providing a performance edge in the harshest of conditions.


  • Approval: USCG - UL1180 - Inflatable PFDs 160.076 - Type V with Type II Performance (Approved only when worn)
  • Compatible with Re-arm Kit B (Model # MA5283)
  • Hydrostatic Inflator Technology (HITTM) will only automatically inflate when submerged in 4" or more water, and not in rain, spray, or high humidity
  • Discreet manual inflation handle prevents snags, and allows you to inflate the vest at any time
  • Offers 38LB buoyancy when inflated
  • Low profile, lightweight chassis cut for active use 360 degree motion for high output grinding and sail changes
  • Back mounted, storable spray hood
  • Marine-grade retro-reflective materials
  • Integrated sailing harness with soft tie-in
  • Lifting Loop 
  • Internal storage for IAS, PLBs, strobes and other electronics
  • Removable crotch strap
  • Marine-grade whistle