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Zodiac Coastal USCG


 All life rafts will incur a shipping fee that will be calculated in the shopping cart. Life rafts are shipped ONLY to commercial addresses via a ground carrier. If necessary, residential delivery is available.  Along with the shipping fee there will be an additional $175 RESIDENTIAL FEE for life rafts being delivered to residential addresses. A commercial address must be correctly marked or the residential fee will be applied if the life raft is not shipping to a VALID commercial address. Learn More



  • Manufactured with a durable polyurethane-coated fabric, SurvitecZodiac Throw Over Liferafts are assembled using the advanced SurvitecZodiac hot assembly Thermobonding™ technique. Being computer-controlled, Thermobonding™ eliminates the inconsistencies inherent in the old-fashioned gluing methods still used by other manufacturers. The fabric’s chemical nature and the Thermobonding™ process make SurvitecZodiac Throw Over Liferafts resilient in the marine environment, enhancing their extreme strength and safety when loaded.

    Due to the weight and structure of the fabric used to construct SurvitecZodiac Coastal Liferafts, they are easy to service and fit well in their light, small-sized but sturdy, glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) containers. Coastals are available in valise or low profile containers.

    Equipment packs, stowed on board, are sealed in strong watertight bags, which are secured to the internal safety line of the liferafts.

    • Manufactured from durable polyurethane-coated fabric
    • Uses Thermobonding™ hot assembly technique
    • Easy to fit
    • GRP or fabric valise container
    • Can be dropped from up to 20 metres
    • Can be delivered with a choice of containers or deck cradles
    • Approved emergency position indicating radio beacon (EPIRB) available on request
  • Size Length Width Height Weight
    4-Man Valise 31" 13" 14" 68 lbs
    4-Man Canister 34" 21"  12" 79 lbs
    6-Man Valise 31" 18" 18" 84 lbs
    6-Man Canister 34" 21" 14" 99 lbs
    8-Man Valise 31" 19" 21" 90 lbs
    8-Man Canister 34" 21" 14" 104 lbs
  • Coastal liferaft equipment bag includes:

    • Paddles
    • Safety knife
    • Heaving line and rescue quoit
    • Sea anchor and line
    • Floating knife
    • Bailer and sponge
    • Pressure relief valve cap
    • Repair kit
    • Fishing kit
    • Leak stopper
    • Radar reflector
    • Parachute flare, hand flare and smoke signal
    • Food ration, drinking water and can opener
    • First aid kit
    • Signal mirror and whistle
    • Flashlight and batteries
    • Thermal protective aid
    • Anti-seasickness tablets and seasickness bag