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Zodiac Offshore ISO 9650


 All life rafts will incur a shipping fee that will be calculated in the shopping cart. Life rafts are shipped ONLY to commercial addresses via a ground carrier. If necessary, residential delivery is available.  Along with the shipping fee there will be an additional $175 RESIDENTIAL FEE for life rafts being delivered to residential addresses. A commercial address must be correctly marked or the residential fee will be applied if the life raft is not shipping to a VALID commercial address. Learn More



  • The ISO 9650 standard is intended to improve and harmonise design standards for Liferafts. It distinguishes 2 categories of rafts: “Type 1” for ocean navigation and “Type 2” for coastal navigation (the ISO 9650 standard does not impose any limit between coastal and open sea sailing).

    Open Sea ISO 9650 rafts belong to the Type 1 category, ie they are designed for sailing on the open sea, and are thus adapted to the risks incurred on long voyages (high winds and heavy seas). They are available in Group A: rafts designed to inflate correctly at an ambient air temperature of between -15°C and 65°C.

    The Open Sea ISO 9650 rafts are produced with equipment for less than or more than 24 hours. In order to meet the needs of your sailing programme (long distances, trips, etc.), the under-24 hours version can be transformed with the greatest of ease into the over-24 hours version with the addition of a grab bag. Buoyant and watertight, it contains the supplementary equipment necessary when you have to wait longer to be rescued, and is equipped with an attachment system for increased safety.

    • The interior ladder makes it possible to hoist oneself on board easily.
    • The peripheral strap, a Zodiac® patent, distributes the load when towing the life raft thus offering greater resistance than required by the standard.
    • Made of 100% bonded PVC fabric, the Coaster is resistant and visible.
    • THERMOBONDING™: Guaranteed quality
  • Size Length Width Height Weight
    4-Man Valise 26.5"
    78 lbs
    4-Man Canister
    84 lbs
    6-Man Valise
    93 lbs
    6-Man Canister
    100 lbs
    8-Man Valise
    108 lbs
    8-Man Canister
    117 lbs
  • Equipment:

    • Rescue buoy + 30 m line 1
    • Floating knife 1
    • Sea anchor + line 1
    • Bailer 1
    • Sponge 2
    • Pair of floating paddles 1
    • Repair kit 1
    • Pump 1
    • Raft operating instructions 1

    Signaling equipment:

    • Hand-held flare 3
    • Parachute flare 2
    • Whistle 1
    • Signalling mirror 1
    • Electric torch 2
    • Spare batteries and bulb 2

    Medical equipment:

    • Seasickness tablets 6 / pers
    • Seasickness bag 1 / pers

    Survival rations:

    • Water in sachets 0.5 litre / pers/li>