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Tiverton, Narragansett, or approved location upon request


Full Day (Time TBD)


$150.00 per person

Lunch and refreshments are included. Call for large group pricing or scheduling at a different location.

What is it?

Advanced Hands-on Safety Course for Mariners

Who is this training for?

Offshore Mariners (Sailors, Fishermen, Cruisers, etc.)

Merchant Marines

Delivery Captains and Crews

Yacht Crews

Ocean Racers

Anyone who has completed the Basic Safety Course


What is involved?

Basic Safety Review
Introduction to Safety on the Water, 7 Steps of Survival, Survival Triad, Mayday

Emergency Assignments/Station Bills

Importance of assigning specific tasks during an emergency, POB Review (fill out "POB" in Station Bills), Fire Review (fill out "Fire" in Station Bills)

Cold Water (will go with POB lesson)
Importance of Flotation, Cold Water Shock and Hypothermia, Hypothermia Treatment, 1-10-1 Rule

Fire Fighting
Fire Triangle, Classes of Fire, Types of Extinguishers, Pros and Cons of each Extinguisher, Hands-on Fire Fighting

Damage Control/Unintentional Flooding
Flooding, Review Contents and Importance of Damage Control (DC) Kit, Review Water Intrusion Chart, Hands-on Damage Control Drill

Passive vs. Active, Types of Signals, Hands-on EPIRB/PLB/AIS/SART Activation and Testing, Hands-on Flare Demo

In Water Training
Entering Water with Flotation, Life Raft Deployment, Life Raft Boarding and Righting, Review of Life Raft Equipment Pack Contents



Learning Objectives

List in order the 7 Steps of Survival

Make a proper Mayday call

Properly fill out a Station Bill while identifying all the key tasks throughout each scenario

Identify the 3 components of the Fire Triangle

Describe each of the four classes of fire

Explain which type of extinguisher is ideal to put out specific classes of fire

Compare the effects of flooding depending on depth and size of breach

Summarize what contents should be included in a Damage Control Kit

Re-state the 1-10-1 rule

Review hypothermia treatment

Identify signs of hypothermia and cold water shock

Identify the differences between Passive and Active signals

Demonstrate proper EPIRB/PLB/AIS/SART activation

Demonstrate the proper use of flares

Demonstrate how to enter the water

Explain how to deploy a life raft

Locate and identify the life raft equipment pack contents


A great opportunity to experience the correct utilization of safety equipment in a practical environment.

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