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Tiverton, Narragansett, or approved location upon request


Full Day (Time TBD)


$50.00 per person

Call for large group pricing or scheduling at a different location.

What is it?

Introduction to Safety on the Water

Who is this training for?

New Boaters

Inland Boaters

Bay/River Boaters

Young Boaters


Kayak Fishermen

Future Sailors


What is involved?

Introduction to Safety
7 Steps of Survival, Survival Triad, Survival Kits

Life Jackets + PFDs
Importance of Flotation, Types of Life Jackets, Choosing and sizing the proper Life Jacket/PFD 

Distress Broadcasting
Understanding the difference between Sécurité, Pan-Pan, and Mayday, Making a Proper Mayday Call

Proper Steps in MOB Retrieval, Williamson Turn, Hypothermia: Signs of and Treatment

Passive vs. Active Signals, EPIRB/PLB/AIS: How they work and the differences between them


Learning Objectives

Understand there is a hierarchy of needs throughout an emergency

List in order the 7 Steps of Survival

Identify the 3 components of the Survival Triad

List the 3 types of common Life Jackets, and properly identify and don a Life Jacket

List the 3 types of distress broadcasts

Make a proper Mayday call

List the steps in a POB retrieval

Demonstrate a Williamson Turn

List the differences between EPIRB/PLB/AIS

Demonstrate the proper use of Flares


This course is the only one of its kind and is perfect for families.