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As Needed


Tiverton, Narragansett, or approved location upon request


Half Day or Full Day


Call or inquire below for pricing

Prices vary depending on the length of the course, modules covered, pool rental, travel, etc.

Who is this training for?

Offshore Mariners (Sailors, Fishermen, Cruisers, etc.)

Delivery Crews

Private Yacht Crews


Offshore Wind Support

Motor Yachts

Sport Fishermen


Cruising Families

Law Enforcement 

Science Technicians/Observers


What is involved?

Customized training tailored specifically for vessel and crew.
As topics and duration can all be customized prices will vary.

A myriad of topics and modules can be covered at the vessel’s request, including but not limited to: life raft deployment, in water demonstrations, hands-on flare training, live firefighting, EPIRB/PLB/AIS, as well as damage control.

Customized safety workshops can be held in one of our offices or we can travel to your vessel, yacht club, office, etc.

Our instructor(s) will assist you while you tailor a safety plan specifically for your vessel; while taking the vessel, crew, and onboard equipment into consideration.

A comprehensive vessel survey is done to itemize equipment, alarm systems, detection systems, and watertight/weathertight closures etc.

The formalization of the vessel’s emergency procedures with the captain and crew will occur. Instruction is given to each individual on board on where to go, what to bring, and what to do in the event of a fire, man-overboard, unintentional flooding, and abandon ship emergencies.

Using the form below please contact LRSE to customize a course and obtain a quote.


This course can be tailored to any specification including but not limited to: length of training, vessel, location, crew, and schedule.