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Why Use FibreLight?

Subchapter M Compliant

Subchapter M is a new regulation imposed on all new and existing towing vessels by the U.S. Coast Guard effective July 2019. Below, you will find everything you need to be compliant with Subchapter M.

Click HERE to view the entire regulation in the Code of Federal Regulations.

Ease of Use

If you have ever been in a life-saving situation, you know that every moment counts. The FibreLight products are a fraction of the weight of their alternative MOB recovery systems. This allows you to more effectively and efficiently recover a man overboard than any other product on the market.

Easy To Store

You know the alternatives. They are heavy, difficult to store, and even more difficult to use once they’ve been stored. The FibreLight products are lightweight and can be stored in a duffle bag. This allows you to keep your MOB equipment in an easy to reach location so you can be sure that your crew is safe in a MOB situation.

More Affordable Than The Alternatives

Simply put, the FibreLight products are a fraction the price of their alternatives. Combine that with the ease of use and easy to store advantages of using the FibreLight products, you have an easy decision when it comes to making sure that your vessel is in compliance with Subchapter M requirements.

Product Features

Subchapter M compliant

Lightweight; up to 50% lighter than competitors

Compact and easy to stow

Easy to use


No annual servicing requirement

No parts to corrode or degrade in sea water

25% more affordable that other compliant alternatives