Boaters can ensure their safety in open waters by having a GPS-enabled Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) and Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs) aboard.

These are lightweight, compact, easy to use, and are mandatory to carry on every ship to instantly summons help and provide rescuers with your precise location information.

No one ever wants to be in a situation where an EPIRB/PLB must be activated, but if you find yourself deploying one, the last thing you want to worry about is will the battery hold on until rescue arrives. At LRSE, we provide battery replacement service with state-of-the-art technology signal testing to ensure your beacon is functioning properly.

EPIRBs and PLBs are ideal for voyages where traditional communications are often spotty. Once activated, either manually or automatically by submersion in water, 406 MHz GPS-enabled EPIRBs broadcast a repeating SOS signal with integrated GPS location from virtually any point for 48 continuous hours.

The signal is received by satellites which identify the position on a specified band to locate a lifeboat, life raft, ship or people in distress within a few hundred yards in mere minutes. At LRSE, we’re a fully certified and trained USCG inspection facility and authorized EPIRB and PLB battery replacement center for ACR, McMurdo, and Ocean Signal using only high quality replacement parts and equipment.

Be Serious About Safety as you get ready for your next voyage.

Fill out the LRSE Service Request Form below.

At LRSE we utilize a comprehensive series of tests when servicing your EPIRB.

Before the unit is opened we perform a visual inspection looking at the antenna and its gasket, lanyard and ensure the tamper switch is intact.

The EPIRB is checked to make sure the unit will not activate in its bracket.

We perform a self-test to confirm the unit ID matches the test report, as well as the country and serial number in the report.

After the initial testing phase, we use an anti-static mat to begin the process of replacing the EPIRB battery.

The unit is opened and we look for signs of water intrusion.

The battery is replaced and the unit is reassembled.

The gaskets are greased and installed.

We use a pressure gauge that screws into the EPIRB to assure air retention.

We then repeat the testing phase to guarantee the unit is operating properly.

What can you do to make sure your EPIRB is ready?

Register EPIRB

Perform monthly self-test

Check that battery is in date

Check hydrostatic release

Check for cracks

Check for corrosion

Always remember to register your EPIRB.

The information you provide to NOAA helps to assist in your rescue.

LRSE’s Simple 3-Step Service Process


Fill out the required service request form below, and receive an email with a shipping label to send us your EPIRB/PLB.


Your EPIRB/PLB arrives at our service center where our USCG and manufacturer-certified technicians begin the process of servicing.


Your serviced and inspected EPIRB/PLB will be shipped back to you within 5-10 business days. You will not be charged until the service is complete.

Service Includes:

EPIRB/PLB Battery Replacement
Printed Test Report
Beacon Testing 406 and Homing Signal Test
Full GPS Test (shows latitude and longitude on the test report)
Shore Base Maintenance (Report)
HEX ID Confirmation

EPIRB Battery Replacement Service Pricing:

ACR; Ocean Signal EPIRB Service: All models $260.00 includes shipping
ACR: GlobalFix V4 $230.00 includes shipping
Pains Wessex / McMurdo: Smartfind G5/E5 $260.00 includes shipping
Pains Wessex / McMurdo: Precision $325.00 includes shipping
Pains Wessex / McMurdo: Rescue $325.00 includes shipping

PLB Battery Replacement Service Pricing:

Ocean Signal PLB Service: All models $115.00
ACR PLB Service: All models $160.00
McMurdo Fastfind 210/220 $115.00
Pains Wessex / McMurdo PLB Service: All models $225

EPIRB/PLB Battery Replacement & Inspection Service is limited to the continental US. If your EPIRB needs to be reprogrammed to another country, please call and provide the required information. Please be advised that LRSE does not register EPIRB's and PLB’s, but we'll be glad to help if needed. Please allow 5-10 business days upon receipt for replacement and return shipment. Credit cards will not charged until your EPIRB has been shipped from our warehouse.

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