LRSE acquired North East Safety Training Company (NESTCo) and will be offering hands-on safety training for all mariners.

The Survival Triad is composed of three equal parts: Equipment, Training, and Attitude. We believe that safety training is just as important as the safety gear you have onboard your vessel. As LRSE has been offering the most trusted safety equipment and services to mariners for 35 years, we are happy to provide this opportunity to educate mariners in the optimal ways to utilize this equipment properly and to their advantage.

It is our goal in offering this hands-on training to establish these safety procedures as muscle memory over time. In the event of an emergency onboard a vessel a crew that drills regularly is more likely to be successful, minimize the risk of injuries, and most importantly survive. The right training can ensure the correct course of action is implemented in an emergency situation thus fortifying the crew’s attitude and completing the Survival Triad.

Safety Imperative

Not only do we want you to be safe, but you must also be defendable.

During the Coast Guard hearings on the sinking of the Aleutian Enterprise the following questions were posed to crew members:

Did the vessel hold safety meetings?

Were emergency drills conducted?

Was there a crew listing for emergency stations?

Was there any form of job orientation?

Did you inflate the life raft floor?

Did you know that it could be inflated?

Was the immersion suit locker marked?

The response to each question was: No.
How would your crew answer these questions?

Losses due to accidents can be substantial:

Loss of life

Loss of property

Loss of productivity

Injury settlements

Workers’ compensation payments

Increased insurance premiums

Safety is a cheap alternative to accidents and loss.


Conduct realistic, safe, and effective monthly drills.

Provide means to effectively inform vessel crew of shipboard safety equipment and generally recommended emergency procedures.

Provide complete documentation of safety practices.

Ensure maintenance of safety standards.

Crew training reduces response time, ensures an effective response, and eliminates doubts as to what is to be done in the event of an emergency. A crew may be completely in sync during operations, but a crew that does not drill together may not know where to turn during an emergency.

Our safety instructors will work with you in the creation and implementation of a training program specifically tailored to your vessel(s). The program will be designed to expose the crew to an acceptable level of instruction while minimizing the amount of time required for crew members and officers to be taken from other duties.

LRSE will ensure your training program is customized to suit all of your safety needs and requirements.

North East Safety Training: A division of Life Raft + Survival Equipment

To arrange a presentation as to how LRSE’s North East Safety Training program can be integrated into your safety procedures, please contact:

Jacob Cabral, Marine Safety Instructor
774-223-1713 |

Tiverton Office: 401-816-5400


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