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Thank you for considering LRSE for your rental needs.

All rental items are rented with up to date service certificates. All of the equipment we rent to you is equipment that we would trust our lives with. We typically sell out of rentals in May and June due to local events, so book in advance during these months. Please note that rentals cannot be reserved until we receive the rental reservation form and you’ve received confirmation back from LRSE.

We rent life rafts, EPIRBs, flare kits, and immersion suits on a daily or weekly basis.

Email Brian at for additional information.


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Life Raft Rental

The rentals come in a valise style (bag) and typically weight between 60–80lbs and meet ISAF/ISO requirements. We do not rent to vessels traveling abroad who do not plan to return to the USA on the same vessel. Rental rafts are available in: 4, 6, and 8 person Valise.

Rental rafts are available in: 4, 6, and 8 person Valise.

Emergency Kit Includes:

Kit is attached to the raft.

First Aid Kit: 1

Leak Stoppers

Sponge: 1 per person

Repair kit: 1

Bellows: 1

Survival Manual: 1

Signal Tables: 1

Hand Flares: 3

Anti Seasick Pills: 60

Seasick Bags: 1 per person

Wet Notebook: 1

Quoit and Line Bag

Knife and Pocket

Sea Anchor and Swivel: 2

Whistle: 1

Paddles: 2

External Light

Internal Light

Flashlight: 2

Bailer: 1


Flare Kit Rental

Racing kits: Cat. 0/1 or Cat. 2/3


Immersion Suit Rental

Adult Universal: 4'11"–6'3", 110–330 lbs

Jumbo (for taller crew): Over 6'3", over 220 lbs

Intermediate: 4'11"–5'10", 110–180 lbs


EPIRB Rental

GPS Cat 2 406 MHZ units