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Revere Coastal Commander 2.0




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  • The Coastal Commander 2.0 is Revere Survival Inc.'s answer to economy, durability and above all, safety - requiring service just once every three years. Featuring two tubes for greater freeboard and a self-erecting inflatable arch canopy, the Coastal Commander 2.0 is fitted at each corner of the raft with lead weighted deep water ballast pockets to improve stability in rough sea conditions until search and rescue arrives. These, along with many more safety features, help ensure the Coastal Commander 2.0 will keep you safe on the water.

    • Boarding ladder
    • Righting line on floor bottom
    • Self-erecting canopy with:
    • Weatherproof, double zippered door
    • Rear rainwater collector
    • Adhesive bonded and taped seams, inside and out
    • Rugged twin 9 inch (230mm) diameter buoyancy tubes
    • Vacuum-packed for protection against the environment and to minimize service costs
    • Neoprene coated polyester tube and floor fabric
    • Polyurethane coated polyester canopy fabric
    • Interior and exterior safety lines
    • (4) Ballast bags w/fast deploying weights
    • Sea anchor w/100 ft (30m) tow line
    • Floating rescue ring and 100 ft (30m) line
    • Floating raft knife
    • Pressure relief valves
    • 36 ft. (11 m) painterline
  • Size Length Width Height Weight
    6-Person Valise 29" 19" 13" 65 lbs
    6-Person Container 30.5" 21.5" 13.5" 78 lbs
  • Coastal Emergency Equipment Pack:

    • 2 Red Hand Flares (USCG/SOLAS)
    • Bailer
    • Topping-up Pump
    • Signal Mirror
    • Water Tight Flashlight
    • Extra Flashlight Batteries
    • Floating Knife
    • Rescue Throwing Quoit
    • Sponges
    • Paddles
    • Seasick Tablets
    • Repair Kit
    • Sea Anchor
    • First Aid Kit
    • Instruction Handbook
    • Whistle