ThrowRaft TD2401



  • Who knew a device so small could come up so BIG. On any vessel, space is a commodity and everything has its place. The TD2401 makes it easy to find a storage place. And with more room, you can have more ThrowRafts. The only inflatable throwable device Type IV on the market. Approved by the U.S. Coast Guard.

  • Key Benefits:
    • Auto inflated when submerged underwater
    • Thrown fully inflated or packed 40+ feet
    • Easily re-packed and re-armed
    • Re-use multiple times
    • 9x smaller than the ring buoy
    • 5x smaller than the square cushion
    • Compact. Fits in a ditchbag.
    • Minimum buoyancy 20 lbs. (90N)
    • Highly visible in a search and rescue situation
    • Made in the USA

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