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Universal Stainless Steel Cradle w/HRU

$425.00 $450.00

Superior Life-Saving Equipment’s universal deck mount cradle assembly is designed to fit all Superior branded recreational life rafts sizes 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12. This universal cradle assembly will also fit most manufacturers’ rafts sized 4, 6 or 8. Our stainless-steel construction and hardware provide an everlasting solution for safely securing a raft to your boat’s deck.


Universal cradle assembly includes:

Adjustable stainless steel cradle

Stainless steel shackle

Life raft hydrostatic release unit (HRU)

Lashing strap with stainless steel pelican hook


Dimensions: (adjustable)

Inside dimensions smallest: 29.5" L x 19" W

Inside dimensions largest: 38" L x 24.5" W

Outside dimensions smallest: 31.5" L x 21" W

Outside dimensions largest: 40" L x 26.5" W

Height of extension arm, 10"


Superiors cradle uses hex screws, not plastic thumb screws. A pilot hole can be drilled into the adjustable portion of the bar to have the screw also act as a locking pin.