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No one ever wants to be in a situation where an EPIRB/PLB must be activated. But if you find yourself deploying one, the last thing you want to worry about is, "will the battery hold-on until rescue arrives?" EPIRB/PLB batteries have a 5 year service life, after which their performance can be severely compromised.

If you recognized the need for an EPRIB/PLB in the first place, then you’re well aware that the need to maintain that investment should be a top priority. Batteries should be replaced in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification and the job should be done by a service facility approved by that manufacturer.

LRSE is an Authorized EPIRB and PLB Battery Replacement Center for ACR, McMurdo, and Pains Wessex; we will match any advertised battery replacement price! *We only serve the continental US*

Included in Service:

  • EPIRB Battery Replacement / PLB Battery Replacement
  • Printed Test Report
  • Beacon Testing 406 and Homing Signal
  • Full GPS Test (shows latitude and longitude on the test report)
  • Reprogramming
  • Shore Base Maintenance (Report)
  • HEX ID Confirmation

Our Service Process


Once your EPIRB Service Request is placed, we will send you a mailing label to ship your EPIRB in for battery replacement / service.


We receive your order. Please be advised, we will provide battery replacement and testing. If your EPIRB needs to be reprogrammed to another country, please call and provide certain information. We do not register EPIRB's, but we'll be glad to help.


Your EPIRB is serviced and is out for shipment. Please allow 5-10 business days upon receipt for replacement and return shipment. We will not charge credit cards until your EPIRB has been shipped from our warehouse.

EPIRB Battery Replacement / Service Pricing:

  • ACR EPIRB Service: All models $260.00 includes shipping
  • Pains Wessex / McMurdo: Smartfind G5/E5 $260.00 includes shipping
  • Pains Wessex / McMurdo: Precision $325.00 includes shipping
  • Pains Wessex / McMurdo: Rescue $325.00 includes shipping

PLB Battery Replacement / Service Pricing:

  • ACR PLB Service: All models $160.00
  • McMurdo Fastfind 210/220 $115.00
  • Pains Wessex / McMurdo PLB Service: All models $225

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