Life Raft + Survival Equipment, Inc. has been servicing and supplying major brands of life rafts and safety equipment to the public for over 30 years.

We invite you to visit our state of the art service facility in Tiverton, Rhode Island or call one of our expert Marine Safety Consultants for advice on outfitting a commercial vessel, or for a cruise or race.

LRSE is dedicated to providing all of our customers with a factory trained and certified staff of marine safety outfitting experts. LRSE is proud to be one of the largest U.S. Coast Guard approved servicing facilities in the country. The LRSE crew is focused on finding you the highest quality safety solutions through unparalleled experience, knowledge and integrity.

As important as it is to choose the proper safety equipment for your vessel, it's equally important to properly maintain it. Let the experts at LRSE ensure that your equipment will operate properly when you need it most.

LRSE Service Guarantee

Get your life raft in before you wrap your boat.

We guarantee to have your raft back on your boat by the date you specify, if you preschedule your servicing. With a schedule in place we can make sure that there will be no delay or wait time for your servicing needs.

Helping us in this initiative will ensure that you and your passengers are safe on your own schedule. If you are a seasonal boater, schedule a drop-off or pickup time at the location nearest you once the season is over. Our Service Guarantee will not only provide life raft storage for the duration of the off-season, but will give you direct access to our service department for updates, changes, and last minute/emergency needs.

Serious About Safety

Use our Safe Voyage Checklist to ensure your vessel is equipped and ready.

After filling out the form below you will receive an email from one of our expert safety advisors listing all of the recommended equipment you will need for your vessel to ensure a safe voyage.

Save time and money, and protect those onboard your vessel.

Avoid wasting time searching and reviewing various places to see if you have the correct safety equipment on your vessel.

Avoid wasting money on the wrong equipment and potentially endangering those onboard in the event of an emergency.