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Life Raft + Survival Equipment, Inc. sells and services all major brands of commercial and recreational flotation gear.

Our team of factory-trained and certified service technicians are the foremost experts in marine safety outfitting. For decades we have serviced all the major brands of safety service products, with the strictest testing in the business.

At LRSE our service includes immersion suit testing and repairs.

What does your immersion suit require so it will work when you need it?

You can survive in an immersion suit in extremely cold water for long periods of time. As an immersion suit gets older the fabric can break down naturally. Once the suit starts to deteriorate, buoyancy is lost. With age a suit’s glue can deteriorate causing leaks.

At LRSE we can test the suit to make sure it will save your life. When we service an immersion suit we do a pressure test and look for leaks. We also lube up your zippers and can perform small repairs.

Once a suit is old enough for repairs—approximately 12 years—it is probably time for a new suit.

Service Includes:

Inflation check of the high rider ring (if applicable)

Pressure test each unit per manufacturer’s specifications

Flashing Strobe Operation check

UV Damage check

Check that lights are in date

Change batteries in lights (N/A if they do no have replaceable batteries)

Be Serious About Safety as you get ready for your next voyage.

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What can you do to make sure your immersion suit is ready?


Safety Checklist:

Perform visual test

Lube zippers

Check that lights are in date

Change batteries in lights (N/A if they do not have replaceable batteries)

Check Personnel Marker Light (PML) dates