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Life Raft + Survival Equipment, Inc. sells and services all major brands of commercial and recreational flotation gear.

Our team of factory-trained and certified service technicians are the foremost experts in marine safety outfitting. For decades we have serviced all the major brands of safety service products, with the strictest testing in the business.

At LRSE our service includes man overboard testing and servicing for equipment  such as Switlik's Man Overboard Module (MOM) and Ocean Safety's JonBuoy and Danbuoy.

What does your man over board equipment require so it will work when you need it?

There are several man overboard retrieval systems: the throw ring, the horseshoe, the life sling, and many inflatable systems.

Not all man overboard systems require maintenance, however as is the case with all marine safety equipment, visual checks remain important. As an authorized service station for most brands of inflatable systems, we inspect the unit and check its cylinders for corrosion and ensure the lights are operational and/or in date.

Those units that need to be serviced are inspected to insure that the horseshoe and the pylon, the main components, will inflate and stay inflated. We pressure test each unit per manufacturer’s specifications. Although rare, if the equipment is not serviced regularly, UV damage can occur. We assure the water-activated, lithium-powered, flashing strobe is in date and operates (every five years the assembly needs to be replaced). The CO2 cylinders also need inspection. Although cylinders last indefinitely, rust and corrosion can occur. There are lifting points on the units that can also corrode. The sea anchor needs to be inspected for any tears or corrosion as well.

Service Includes:

Inflation check of the main components, horseshoe, and the pylon

Pressure test each unit per manufacturer’s specifications

Flashing Strobe Operation check

CO2 cylinder inspection

UV Damage check

Lifting point corrosion check

Sea anchor inspection

The range of service, including shipping can be between $195.00 and $295.00 (includes shipping). Please call if you have the unit’s specific details. For example we will ask when was it last serviced and what is the date of manufacture.

Be Serious About Safety as you get ready for your next voyage.

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Helpful Reminders


MOM8: Serviced every two years

MOM8S: Inspected by the user annually

Ocean Safety

Jonbuoy: Serviced annually

Danbuoy: Serviced annually