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Life rafts are considered one of the most important pieces of survival equipment on any boat, and equipped to save your life in the event you have to abandon ship.

A life raft is the last piece of equipment any boater ever expects to use, with the assumption to likely never to see that boat above water again. Proper life raft service inspections ensures that your life raft will operate and perform as designed, and restore your confidence in open waters while increasing your raft's life expectancy. At LRSE, our extensive listing of approvals by manufactures and investment in training for service technicians is what makes us one of the most qualified companies in the world who are certified by the manufacturer to perform inspection, testing and certification.

Your life raft should do two things without fail: inflate and hold air. If a raft doesn’t do those two things, you’re in trouble. It’s imperative to get your raft serviced regularly by professionals, as the longer you let your raft go between servicing, the more likely it will become expensive to service, or worse, fail when you go to set it off in an emergency. The crew at LRSE are the foremost experts in marine safety outfitting, with factory-trained and certified service technicians at one of the largest U.S. Coast Guard approved servicing facility. We perform all our life raft inspection services in conformance with all applicable national and international, industry and manufacturer regulations and guidelines.

There is no room for cutting corners in the life raft department and you must have complete confidence in the people who inspect and repack it. Different life rafts come with different servicing requirements, with most leisure life rafts needing service every three years, and commercial life rafts requiring annual inspection services. Inspecting life rafts should only be done by trained professionals who can also give you an in depth tour of your gear and properly repack it so that water will never get inside. This short educational training can be critical if a mishap at sea occurs and can dramatically reduce panic in any emergency situations. At LRSE our service manager and certified trained technicians can help you and your crew become more familiar with your equipment.

The cost of servicing the life raft varies from year to year. Our life raft servicing turnaround time typically goes from one week to four or five weeks in the spring. March through July 1st is the peak season for servicing equipment.

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Why should you service your raft, what could go wrong?

Life raft could be leaking from porous, damaged or deteriorating fabric

Open seam or seam tape separation could cause a visible leak

CO2 cylinder might have a low charge or no charge at all

Equipment might be damaged or expired

Inflation system inlet valves or hoses could be corroded

Manufacturers may issue service bulletins that require action taken at the next service

What can you do to make sure your raft is ready?

If the raft is in a canister check to make sure the hydrostatic release (if applicable) is in date and installed correctly

Check lashing to make sure it is in good working order

Check hardware

Periodically check that raft is tight and secure in cradle

Be Serious About Safety as you get ready for your next voyage.

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