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Superior Wave Racer ISO


Superior Lifesaving Equipment's Wave Runner ISO liferaft was designed with the offshore racer in mind. 

The Wave Racer meets ISO 9650-1 and provides an industry leading, 4 feet of floor space per passenger. Coupled with an insulated floor and the most visible canopy on the market, the Wave Racer provides the balance and security needed for all offshore racing enthusiasts. An automatic inflatable ramp, internal boarding ladder and automatically deployed oversized ballast system ease embarkation for passengers. The Wave Racer ISO is available in 4, 6, 8 passenger capacity and offered in a fiberglass container or vinyl soft pack. 360-degree visibility, SOLAS grade reflective tape, automatic ISO interior/exterior canopy light and ISO equipment pack make the Wave Racer an excellent option for the blue water racer.




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  • Industry leading, 4 square feet per passenger
  • Bright, florescent safety green canopy
  • Oversized inflatable buoyancy chambers
  • Weighted, automatically deployed ballast pockets
  • Reflective tape and ISO automatically activated canopy light
  • Inflatable boarding ramp and internal boarding ladder
  • Sealable viewing and ventilation port
  • Sea anchor and buoyant rescue ring included
  • Three clear windows for 360-degree visibility
  • Rainwater collector
  • Insulated floor for protection from hypothermia
  • Vacuum sealed for protection against the elements
  • Includes ISO 9650 equipment pack


Included Equipment

1 Equipment Bag 2 Paddles  2 Sponge
1 Whistle 1 Owner's Manual 1 Survival Manual 
1 Waterproof Flashlight w/ Batteries Anti-Seasickness Tabs (6 Per Person) Anti-Seasickness Bags (1 Per Person)
2 Spare Batteries 1 Spare Bulb 1 Signal Mirror
1 Floatable Bailer 1 Floatable Knife 3 Red Hand Flares
2 Red Hand Parachute Flares 1 Topping-up Pump w/ Adapter Repair Kit


Size Length  Width Height Weight
4 Person Valise 27.5" 11.5" 17" 69 lbs.
4 Person Canister 29.5" 19" 13" 80 lbs.
6 Person Valise 28.5" 11.5" 18" 76 lbs.
Person Canister 30" 21 13.5" 88 lbs.
Person Valise 29.5" 12" 19" 88 lbs.
Person Canister 30.5" 21.5" 13.5" 115 lbs.
10 Person Valise 29.5" 12.5" 19.5" 99 lbs.
10 Person Canister 32.5" 22.5" 14" 119 lbs.
12 Person Valise 32.5" 14" 20.5" 114 lbs.
12 Person Canister 36.5" 22.5" 13.5" 132 lbs.