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FireTKO FST Heavy Duty Galvanized Steel Wall Bracket




The FireTKO FST  is a small, portable unit that contains potassium based chemical components.  It is designed to be a first-use method to combat class A, B, C, and K fires. 

When the device is deployed at the scene of a fire, the FireTKO FST releases a cloud of aerosol containing the potassium components, interrupting the chain reaction in the flame.

When utilized and deployed according to the instructions in the Operation Manual, the FST provides an extremely effective method of fire suppression.


Dimensions:                 12 in. (304.8mm) x 8.25 in. (209.55mm) x 7.25 in.(184.15mm)

Weight:                         5.4 lbs.(2.45 kg.)

Coating:                         Powder coated red