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Forespar Stay-Plug 


  • A 2″ hole in your boat, one foot below the waterline would fill a 55 gallon drum in as little as 40 seconds! Many bilge pumps would be quickly overwhelmed. Stopping the water flow is the key! TruPlug is used as a temporary or emergency plug in boating applications where water would enter a circular, oval, or irregular hole caused by emergency maintenance or hull breach due to impact. Truplug is compressed by hand, inserted into the hole stopping or reducing the inward flow of water as the foam returns to its original shape.

    • TruPlug can be used in place of wood plugs without causing additional damage.
    • Can be cut and forced into elongated openings using a putty knife or similar tool.
    • Can be inserted into the ends of broken pipes by twist compressing before inserting.
    • A must have in every vessel damage control kit!