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Aere Inflatable Fenders

CAE0100-0922 -BLK-1

With these Heavy-Duty Inflatable Fenders you can easily carry large fenders on your boat for traversing locks, rafting up with other boats, protecting your boat from bad docks, weathering wind, waves and storms, or even everyday use. Lightweight, extremely durable and requiring minimal storage space, these fenders are made from a heavy, high denier, polyester fabric with built-in UV protection like that used in dinghy construction. They are heavily PVC-coated and hand glued with seam reinforcement inside and out for rugged, reliable service. Seams are three to four layers thick to assure seam integrity and both ends feature stainless steel D-ring attachment points securely fastened to a layered backing plate. Standard inflatable boat air valves provide quick (under one minute) inflation and deflation. In sizes to accommodate everything from a 40' boat to a 200' yacht.

AERÉ Inflatable Fenders covered under an unconditional warranty for the first year of ownership from date of purchase and AERÉ Docking Solutions warrants that its products are free of manufacturer’s defects for an additional 2 years from date of purchase.  During this 3-year period, AERÉ Inflatable Fenders may be returned to the factory and will be repaired at no charge to the owner.