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Jim Buoy Buoyant Apparatus Box Type


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    • Light weight yet easily exceed the most severe USCG tests. Ease of handling is one of our most valued features.
    • No exposed metal hardware - all beckets secured inside the float body.
    • Double webbing, sunlight or weather never reaches the supporting beckets.
    • Solid closed-cell plastic throughout; bullet holes would have only minimal effect on buoyancy.
    • Optional: GRS - Incorporates a glass reinforced surface into the regular vinyl surface and produces an almost impenetrable skin yet remains slight resilient.
  • Capacity Length Width Diameter Weight
    12 Person 48" 48" 9" 35 lbs
    18 Person 62" 48" 9" 45 lbs
    20 Person 84" 48" 9" 55 lbs