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Revere IBA Life Raft




 All life rafts will incur a shipping fee that will be calculated in the shopping cart. Life rafts are shipped ONLY to commercial addresses via a ground carrier. If necessary, residential delivery is available.  Along with the shipping fee there will be an additional $175 RESIDENTIAL FEE for life rafts being delivered to residential addresses. A commercial address must be correctly marked or the residential fee will be applied if the life raft is not shipping to a VALID commercial address. 

Revere USCG IBAs are recognized for their rugged construction and reliability during the toughest survival situations. They hold United States Coast Guard Approval and come packed in either a water resistant valise, low profile container, or round container.

Revere Survival offers a wide range of IBA sizes. While the 4, 6, 8 and 10 person non-reversible IBA are available in a water resistant soft valise or low profile fiberglass container, the 25 and 50 person reversible IBAs are available in cylindrical containers. Our IBAs are constructed with double buoyancy chambers, inflatable boarding ramps, rescue light and an emergency equipment pack. Cradle assemblies for our low profile containers are constructed from light-weight aluminum and include a securing strap and hydrostatic release. Cradle assemblies for 25 and 50 person IBAs are constructed in powder coated steel and are available in standard flat inclined stowage.




Capacity Length (in) Width (in) Height (in) Weight (lbs)
4 Person Valise 27.5 10.0 16.5 67
4 Person Low-Pro 29.5 19.0 13.0 80
6 Person Valise 27.5 11.0 16.0 71
6 Person Low-Pro 30.0 21.0 13.0


8 Person Valise 27.5 11.0 17.00 74
8 Person Low-Pro 30.5 21.5 13.5 94
10 Person Valise 28.5 17.5 10.5 82
10 Person Low-Pro 32.5 22.5 14.0 105
25 Person Round 44.0 25.0 205
50 Person Round 54.5 27.5 355