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  • Zodiac's XTREM life raft provides the same performance in terms of capacity, while dramatically improving the installation options available for this product. Specifically, the volume of the container has been reduced approximately 20-40% (depending on product size) from the standard low profile container used for USCG/SOLAS rafts.

    As well, this innovative design allows the container to be mounted both in the traditional horizontal configuration or vertically, either on the container end or side, allowing more creative installation options while freeing up critical deck space.

    XTREM life rafts are USCG, EC(MED) and TC approved to SOLAS specifications.

  • Size Length Width Height Weight
    6-Man Canister 31" 22" 13.5" 142 lbs
    8-Man Canister 33" 22.5" 13.5" 164 lbs
    10-Man Canister 37" 25" 13.5" 192 lbs
    12-Man Canister 43.5" 25.5" 14.5" 252 lbs
    16-Man Canister 43.5" 25.5" 14.5" 269 lbs
  • Equipment Pack Contains:

    • Hand Pump
    • 2 Paddles
    • Spare Sea Anchor
    • 2 Sponges
    • 1 Bailer
    • First Aid Kit
    • Fishing Kit
    • Signal Mirror
    • Repair Kit
    • Pressure Relief Valve Plugs
    • Whistle
    • Drinking Cup
    • 3 Can Openers
    • Flashlight
    • 2 Spare Flashlight Bulbs
    • 6 Flashlight Batteries
    • 6 Red Hand Flares
    • 4 Red Parachute Flares
    • 2 Orange Smoke Signals
    • 6 Anti Sea Sickness Tablets
    • Rations (1 per person)
    • Drinking Water (1.5 liter per person)
    • 2 Thermal Protective Aids