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McMurdo G8 AIS Smartfind EPIRB Category 1

$750.00 $999.00

MEOSAR Compatible® for enhanced detection and location performance, the G8 range includes an industry first; a four-frequency EPIRB, combining the global alerting of 406 MHz with the localised locating and tracking power of AIS.

The award winning G8 AIS is the first EPIRB to have standard 406MHz, 121MHz & GPS capabilities AND include AIS for localized rescue. This combination is a result of new technology but also new attitudes to AIS as a search and rescue tool, plus the realization that accelerated alert detection and location accuracy will save even more lives. This technology partnership will also help reduce demands on the search & rescue authorities as it should help vessel owners detect and resolve accidental activations through visibility of AIS signals.  

Category 1 EPIRB models Supplied inside an auto-housing and automatically deployed and activated when in contact with water (although they can also be manually activated).

The world’s most powerful EPIRBS, driving accelerated rescue times via:

  • Faster alert detection on the 406 MHz frequency through our MEOSAR compatibility
  • The world’s first QUADROTECH® EPIRB, with four search and rescue frequencies, the SmartFind G8 AIS supports the Alert, Locate, Tracking and Recovery elements of search and rescue
  • Greater location accuracy by receiving GNSS coordinates from a wider range of satellite onstellations
  • World’s first convergence of 406 and AIS, combining the global alerting of 406 MHz with the localised locating and tracking power of AIS
  • The only EPIRB manufacturer that also builds and supports the Cospas-Sarsat ecosystems infrastructure, making the benefits of MEOSAR a reality


  • Rescue Accelerating features
  • MEOSAR compatibility
  • Easy service battery
  • 10 year battery life
  • Compliance with the new United States emergency hands free transport mandate
  • False activation protection and self-test functions
  • Ruggedised base