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Imperial Ice Rescuer 1500


  • The Imperial IR1500 is an ice rescue suit made of easy to repair, breathable shell fabric with cordura reinforced wear areas. The suit was designed with specific public safety agency input to provide a robust, user-repairable, easy-to-don, and affordable solution with all the features needed to get the job done in extremely cold environments.

    • Drysuit mobility, look and feel
    • Replaceable inner foam liner
    • Internal suspenders, wrist, thigh and ankle adjustments for more comfort
    • SOLAS-grade reflective tape on arms, head and torso
    • 3-ply chemical resistant insulated gloves
    • Suit comes with a storage bag and repair kit
    • Attached booties
    • Purge valve
    • AWL pockets
    • Pull harness
    • Heavy duty waterproof zipper
  • Size Dimensions Height Range Weight Range (LBS)
    Adult Universal 29"x12"x14" 4'11" to 6'6" 110 to 330