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Lifesling3 Overboard Rescue System


The flotation collar has 21lb. of buoyancy and can be towed to an overboard crew member rather than the crew member having to swim to it. It also can be used as a lifting sling if your crew member needs help out of the water.

Added features include a longer 150' retrieval line for larger boats, stainless D-rings which help facilitate lifting the person out of the water, 2"W SOLAS reflecting tape for increased visibility at night and a rugged, UV-resistant, fiberglass case, which includes graphics illustrating the instructions for recovering a person in the water.

United States Coast Guard approved for both recreational and commercial vessels. Meets International Sailing Federation (ISAF) specifications. One year warranty.


  • USCG Type: Type V which substitutes for a Type IV
  • Configuration: Horseshoe buoy, flotation collar
  • Buoyancy: 21lb.
  • Material: UL-approved foam, line, webbing
  • Dimensions: Case: 24"H x 15 3/4"W x 6 3/4"D
  • Color: White storage container, Yellow Lifesling
  • Mounting/Storage Provisions: Can be rail mounted or bulkhead mounted
  • Warranty: One year