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Motioneaze Sea/Boat Sickness Relief +++ Free Shipping


  • Stop sea sickness anytime. Anywhere.

    Whether you are on a long cruise, out catching fish, scuba diving or sailing, Motioneaze provides the all-natural, quick relief you need. If you travel by water on a vessel, the odds are that you may become a bit green around the gills, as the waves rise and ebb. So if you are fishing for a way to prevent or stop sea sickness, you have caught the one and only Motioneaze.

    A drop behind your ears for quick relief

    A product like no other, you can apply Motioneaze before you step foot on the vessel, a drop behind each earlobe. The vial is so small you can keep it in your pocket, literally unnoticable to your ship mates.

    If you forgot to apply it beforehand, and feel that old familiar flip of the tummy, you can also apply it then and in minutes you will notice the difference. Keep Motioneaze in your travel bags or in your first aid kit.

    • Recommended by doctors, sailors, and dive teams
    • No drugging side effects – all natural ingredients
    • Quick relief in 5 minutes even after you start to feel queasy.
    • Kid-friendly
    • Just a drop behind each ear, no pills
    • All natural, no side effects