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Plastimo Cruiser ORC+


The Plastimo Cruiser Liferaft is designed for long voyages when gusts of wind can be expected with exceptional wave height (excluding abnormal conditions eg hurricanes). The Cruiser ORC+ has a double floor and the basic range of pre-packed kit.

The Liferaft is the culmination of 40 years experience from one of the world's leading liferaft manufacturers. A combination of experienced engineers and the latest in research and design technology have produced a liferaft that will offer the security that you need while cruising at sea.

Nothing has been left to chance with a double tube design, vacuum sealed and double firing head mechanism to ensure that should the unthinkable happen the raft will not let you down.

All equipment for survival is held in its own waterproof bag within the raft under the raft are fitted deep ballast pockets to ensure that it remains upright in the worst sea conditions you face. The specially designed tube has a tube within a tube arrangement to offer flotation in the event of puncture. The outer tube is produced from 1100 decitex PVC because it offers extreme resistance to abrasion, while the inner chamber is constructed from an outstanding polyurethane sheet which guarantees an absolute water and airtight seal, and it will stretch an astonishing 600%. Both container and valise are available with the raft securely vacuum packed in a hermetically sealed bag to offer total protection from the elements.



 All life rafts will incur a shipping fee that will be calculated in the shopping cart. Life rafts are shipped ONLY to commercial addresses via a ground carrier. If necessary, residential delivery is available.  Along with the shipping fee there will be an additional $175 RESIDENTIAL FEE for life rafts being delivered to residential addresses. A commercial address must be correctly marked or the residential fee will be applied if the life raft is not shipping to a VALID commercial address.  Learn More


Size Length Width Height Weight
4-Man Canister 29.5" 20" 9.5" 68 lbs
4-Man Valise 27.5" 11" 16.5" 63 lbs
6-Man Canister 29.5" 20" 10" 78.5 lbs
6-Man Valise 29" 11" 16.5" 72 lbs

Raft Equipment

  • Floating anchor with 10m line
  • Pump
  • 1 Set of Paddles
  • Floating knife
  • Rainwater Collector
  • Rescue quoit with 15m line
  • Bailer
  • 1 x Sponge
  • Repair kit
  • Checkbook/instruction manual and survival instructions.
  • 0.2 litres of water per person.
  • 1 waterproof torch and signal card.