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Switlik SAR-6 Search & Rescue Raft


The SAR-6 is the raft of choice of professional search and rescue teams around the world. The rugged offshore life raft features an auto erecting convertible canopy, twin over sized tubes, the patented torodial ballast system for improved stability, and a choice of two different heat sealed floors. The boat shape design provides extra leg room for six people and offers the highest level of protection from the elements in both coastal and offshore situations.

The high freeboard keeps the water out while the independent chambers provide redundancy in case of a tube failure. Heavy Duty (840 denier) Nylon Buoyancy Tubes Coated on Both Sides with Abrasion Resistant Urethane featuring Over-Lapped Seams Taped Inside and Out.

Chosen by the USCG and Royal Australian Air Force after extensive comparative testing in the industry as the best design for stabilizing a life raft. This testing included, limited occupants, overloading and extraction which brings heavy down wash from the helicopter.

Auto erecting arches with a furled canopy provide an open platform making it simple to just jump in. The High Visibility Fluorescent Orange Canopy with Opaque Blue Inner Coating provides a perfect combination of visibility and a calming vertigo.



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  • Convertible canopy of the coastal-MKI life raft
  • Toroidal Stability Device (TSD) off the original Search & Rescue (MKI)
  • Twin-tube boat-shaped hull of the USCG/A! SOLAS-6-MKI
  • Heat Sealed Inflatable Floor

Fiberglass Hard Case

  • Weight1: 128-1/2 lb. (53 kg.)
  • Dimensions2: 36-1/2” (L) x 24” (W) x 13” (H)
  • Material Hand Laid Fiberglass
  • Aluminum Cradle Material AL 6463 T55


    • Buoyancy in Fresh Water: 1500 lb.
    • Buoyancy in Salt Water: 1540 lb.                                
    • Floor Area (Total): 24-1/2sq. ft. 
    • Operating Temperature Range: -22°F to +160°F
    • Inflation system: Air
    • Buoyancy tube fabric: Polyurethane Coated Nylon

      Raft Equipment

      • Raft Repair Clamp Kit (1sm 1 med. & 1 lg.) 3ea.
      • Hand Inflation Pump with 5" Extension 1ea.
      • Pressure Relief Valve Plugs 6ea.
      • Spare Military Specification Sea Anchor (with 50' Rode) 1ea.
      • Bailing Bucket 1ea.
      • Sponges 2ea.
      • Paddles 2ea.
      • Water Proof Equipment Bag (Large) 1ea.
      • Equipment Bag (Small) 1ea.

        Survival Equipment

        • Survival Manual 1ea.
        • Immediate Action Placard Hanging from Arch Tube 1ea.
        • USCG Approved folding Utility Knife 1ea.
        • USCG Approved First Aid Kit 1ea.
        • USCG Approved Fishing Kit 1ea.
        • USCG Approved Food Rations 60,000kJ.
        • USCG Approved Drinking Water 66oz.
        • Water Bag 3ea.
        • Drinking Cup 1ea.
        • Compass (Lensatic, Liquid Filled-#468) 1ea.
        • Sea Sickness Tablets 36ea.
        • SPF 25 Waterproof Sun Screen 4oz.
        • Can Opener 1ea.

          Signaling Equipment

          • USCG Approved/ SOLAS Parachute Flares (2)
          • USCG Approved/SOLAS Hand-Held Flares (3)
          • USCG Approved Signal Mirror (1)
          • USCG Approved Flash Light (1)
          • Spare Batteries (2)
          • Spare Bulb (1)
          • Dye Marker (Military Specification /Mil-S-17980) (1)
          • Whistle (1)

            Optional Equipment

            • Marine Grade (6463-T55) Anodized Aluminum Deck Mounting
            • Cradle for Hard Container
            • USCG Approved Hydrostatic Release
            • Independent "Drop-Stitch" Inflatable Floor
            • SWITLIK Abandon Ship Outlet Bag
            • Recovery Engineering "06" Water Maker