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Bell Throw Line


  • The Balcan Emergency Life Line was introduced in 1973 and was the first water rescue line, specifically designed to allow all ages to throw it with great accuracy up to its full length of 40 metres, without preparation, very much further than had previously been possible.

    As a result the Balcan Emergency Life Line quickly became recognised as a vast improvement in lifesaving equipment for both the professional and amateur user, for rescuing people in difficulties in water and elsewhere. It outperforms both lifebuoys and throwbags in speed of deployment, accuracy and distance.

    Since Balcan BELL's introduction and to this date, it has remained the supreme throwing line, as confirmed by the Royal Navy as recently as the Millennium Year, when they allocated all three models with NATO Stock Numbers (NSNs).

    Its principle is simple - the faster and easier the person in the water can be connected to a rescuer in a place of safety, the greater the chance of arecuse being achieved.