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Coastal Ditch Kit

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The Costal Ditch Kit is designed for coastal cruising. This ditch kit is excellent for island hopping, weekend fishing trips or just cruising along coastal waterways. This ditch kit features all the necessary signaling and communication gear to effectuate a timely rescue wherever you may be. 

Costal Ditch Kit Includes


Ditch Bag Express


Thermal Emergency Blanket 


SOLAS Rocket Parachute Flare


Signal Mirror USCG


SOLAS Red Handheld Flare

1 Waterproof Notebook
1 USCG Orange Handheld Flare 1 All Weather Pen
6 Green Light Sticks 1 Motion Ease Seasickness Medication
1 Floating Knife 1 Dye Marker
2 Emergency Drinking Water 16.9oz 1 Trump Air horn
1 Flashlight Pelican SabreLight 1 Sta-Plug- Emergency Plugs Mini
3 Cell Batteries 1 Marine Medical Kit 450
1 Medical Book