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Switlik TechFloat


  • The TechFloat is a throwable, inflatable rescue device for all-season water and ice rescue that has incorporated lifting capability. This combination of features make the Techfloat a complete rescue and recovery device for multiple scenarios.

    • 100 ft of 1/4" High Visibility Multi-filament Polypropylene Floating
    • Line (Yellow) with avg. break strength of 1,700 lbs.
    • Quick-disconnect snap shackle attached to the shoulder strap for use in swift water rescue scenarios. Can be used to tie-off unit to a stationary object.
    • Webbing enclosed over-the-shoulder strap connects rescuer directly to the Person in Water (PIW) and leaves both hands free to assist in rescue
    • Water-Activated auto-inflation system
    • 1,600 lb. lifting strength for hoisting PIW out of water
    • Self-rearming kits available that include replacement cylinder and inflation bobbin