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Pains Wessex Buoysmoke MK9


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  • The Pains Wessex Buoysmoke is a man overboard lifebuoy marker for daytime use that emits orange smoke for fifteen minutes. The Buoysmoke is identical to the Pains Wessex Manoverboard Lifebuoy Marker, but without a lighting system.

    • Height: 17.8 inches
    • Diameter: 10.8 inches
    • Weight: 4.7 kg
    • Net explosive content: 1.722g
    • Min/Max operating temp.: -1°C / 30°C (86.0°F)
    • Min/Max storage temp.: -30°C / 75°C (167.0°F)
    • Flare colour: orange
    • Flare burn time: minimum 15 mins.
    • Firing pin/percussion cap ignition