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Pains Wessex Red Handflare


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  • The Pains Wessex Red Handflare is a short-range distress signal used to pinpoint location by day or night, which is approved to the latest worldwide SOLAS specification.

    • Features a unique telescopic handle making it very compact and space-saving when stowed in a liferaft
    • Easily extended and pull-wire-operated
    • Length: 175mm (6.9 ins)
    • Length with handle pulled out: 280mm (11 ins)
    • Diameter: 28mm (1.1 ins)
    • Weight: 160g (5.6 oz)
    • Light intensity: 15,000 candela
    • Burning time: 60 seconds
    • Colour of light: red
    • Ignition: pull-wire ignitor
    • Net explosive content: 61g (2.14 oz)
    • Typically 6 handflares are required to be fitted in SOLAS/commercial liferafts and lifeboats